Magic Touch…itunes and youtube Aug15

Hey Space age babies…the first single from upcoming “Bread and Water” cd….”Magic Touch” is going to be released online on YouTube and itunes on Fri August 15 6PM.

Its a song about love lost …love regained….no stuff that…its a pop/electronic/sorta rap song about advertising and motivational speaking scams. Pretty funny in parts actually and features a rip snorting solo from David Sparks…Lime Spiders guitarist

The video features rap dancer Beau Cregan … a 12 year old dancing freak from Skate Park Nowra and the gorgeous ARAD Ballet dancing of Dance with Attitude Principal Naomi Bishop….shot by me and German Fashion designer Laura Burhaus  and edted by WA Young Filmaker of the Year 2011 Mat de Koning

….and as Richard and I say have a musical day

Melbourne Gigs July 12-15

Just got back from my first solo trip to Melbourne and what a revelation…initially was supporting April Maze at the Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda on Scotts Collage nights but they pulled out and I did the gig with Joel Stibbard/Kelly Breuer/Ali Garter….at last a place where oiginals can be played…Mudgee i LOVE LIVING THERE BUT REALLY???? BTW Todd from April Maze took these live shots Scott and Todd Mayhew on the Espy verandah clowning around with our iphone cameras Also did a house Concert at my Uncle and Aunties place for their neighbours and my cousins…that was way cool….love playing in kitchens Hung out with Scott from the Collage nights and he introduced me to “Pure Pop Records”…a cool venue/record shop in St Kilda that has a liquor license and runs gigs…might be able to do album release party there in Sept/Oct Met up with Steve from Greville Records and reminisced on Lime Spiders days…Missing Link is now closed so Greville is the oldest record store in Melbourne now…might do an instore there as well All in all…a fantastic time….so great to be ON TOUR again…didnt realise how much I missed it….such an integral part of me that has been missing for too long….I will be back Melbourne and sooner than you think!!!