Amrap Airit playlist for Magic Touch

Amrap Airit is a free service to “Unsigned ” artist and can get your music onto community based radio stations all around the country…

This has seen Magic Touch played in such faraway climes as Ballarat and Broome…its still on line and on file at the link here



Mixdown 2nd Album “In your face” at Pirate

Im heading off down the South Coast to mix down the 2nd album “In your face” with David Sparks and Jon Schofield at Pirate Studios Tathra. It features some queer but outstanding collaborations with the sublime Caitlin Harnett and Punchy energy of South Coast Rapper Mighty Ash. Just been listening to it and I am very happy with it..

Ill be chilling a bit down there and might catch up with Matt Southon/Daniel Champagne on their turf if their not too busy touring…I know Genevive Chadwick and Matt are at the Commercial Milton on Sat 21…

Im taking Shakin Shazza Twiss to finish up a vox and Jon Schofield might also finish off some guitars he thinks the project needs…then its off to mastering for hopefully a March 20 release date

Have a few ideas for gigs in the pipeline and none involve pubs apart from the good ole Espy in St Kilda///looking to around Easter for next tour to start

Heres a recent mock up of cover for “IN YOUR FACE”….it features facebook profile pics of everyone who has guided/helped me over the last year.


Gulgong Folk Festival Jan 6/7/8 2012 …a big job!!!!

As you might have guessed I’m Festival Organiser for the Gulgong Folk Festival 2012.

I have been  working on this for over 9 months now since arriving back in Mudgee/Gulgong ….

The amount of work that has gone into it is untold and I could never really make any of you grasp the enormity of the undertaking…I am basically doing it all myself…  …I’m not complaining as I knew full well before embarking on this endeavour that that was the case.

What I really wanted to achieve was an outstanding music festival that I could curate and put on the best up and coming bands that I knew of…it harks back to the days of my management when I managed and promoted amongst others The Scientists/Beasts of Bourbon/Grooveyard/Sekret Sekret/The Introverts/Lime Spiders/The Most….

The next week or so are going to be frenetic and I wont have time to blink…but I will definitely enjoy myself and hope that there will be more…