Special guests in Melbourne at Easter

Melbourne at Easter is shaping up to be a very fun weekend with lots of guest appearances from collaborators on the “In your face”album.

The Mighty Ash is appearing with the Richard Lawson band at the Espy on the Tues 10 April as well as doing his own Hip Hop set. Jon Schofield will be with the band again on Guitar/Vox at all 3 shows as well as guesting with Terry Serio who is on the bill for the Lyrebird Lounge [Sat April 7] and Pure Pop [Sun April 8] shows before flying back to Sydney to commence filming for a new series of “Underbelly”.

Emma Swift will be on the bill as well for the Lyrebird and Pure Pop shows before also flying back to do her “In the Pines ” show on FBI Radio in Sydney,

Sharon Lee Twiss will also be coming for all 3 shows as back up vocalist and shaker extraordinaire….The Tocks with the amazing Xani Kolac will on the Espy bill…its all too much

There is a really cool poster for the Espy show featuring a still or 2 from the Upcoming Video for “Ebay” by Richard Lawson fesaturing Mighty Ash



Out of hiding….new set

Experimented with new set and backing over the weekend…Mudgee Markets on Sat then Bridge Tavern Nowra on Sunday…extremely pleased with outcome…Ive been working on a whole heap of new songs fro 3 weeks now and squirrelled away in studio putting in some serious hours on cubase and rehearsal…new new originals/Bowie/Beatles/Fleet Foxes covers …and incorporating them with “In your face”  songs to fill up to a 3 hour set…the sound was pristine and it was the first appearance in my home town for almost a year…I feel like ive truly arrived at the sound and content I want…suffice to say I sold a stack of CDs and the new one isnt even out yet…bring on the tour!!!
Heres a bit of a write up by Sam Paine in the local Mudgee Guardian Fri 16 March 2012

“Lawson draws on genres ranging from folk pop to psychedelia to electronica, and the new album [In your Face] bears the influence of contemporary artists such as Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes as well as classic performers including the Beatles, Beach Boys and XTC. …Lawsons work, which varies from mild to wild in its eclectic influences and experimentation. Lawsons new album is slated for an Easter 2012 release in Melbourne. The album is an audacious love affair with psych folk electronica and featues queer but outstanding collaborations with the sublime Caitlin Harnett and the punchy South Coast rapper the Mighty ASH.’

—  Mudgee Guardian