Some new electro/gamer/ambient music from Figtree Renaissance

Over the last 6 months Erin and myself have written a whole heap of new material. Sometimes she’ll come up with a riff or a sound picture and we’ll just doodle around with some different sounds…put it on a loop and go outside into a paddock and listen to it through the PA speakers . I have a massive backlog of material…I sometimes get confused as to what is where…is it classical is it ambient is it electronic…one things for sure…the classical is now going to be played by classical instruments and the electronic is going to get more electronic

Still wondering when to put this stuff out…we can pretty much put up some of it on an EP mid year but we still have the rock EP recorded at Pirate studios. Next electro gig is at Electronic Meat on Sat May 18 at a venue to still be confirmed. It might be the farm at Braymont yet.