Drumming and Lawson Park Hotel solo gig


The workshop was a hoot…about 10 attended and we got right into 3 big African jams

Damion is a superb drummer/teacher and brought a wealth of real experience and action to us…the next workshop is mooted to be on Sat Oct 19 with the unstoppable Hands Heart and Feet from the Blue Mountains

The next day we went to the Drip in Mudgee and had a nature moment and filmed it with Elizabeth Walton taking the Dun Duns

Some beautiful moments here

The gig at the Lawson Park Hotel was wonderful  the management loved it and my hard practicing with all the busking has paid dividends with a new relaxed and mature attitude to the guitar playing mainly. They want me back and Ashley the licensee said I was sensational….



Damion Stirling Drum/Dance Workshop Aug 17 2013

Well there’s been a fair bit happening since last post, mainly to do with the new set up at the studio

We used Dance with Attitude Dance studios for the last 2 years and now they have moved to other premises and we have taken over the rent of the studios at 13a Lewis St Mudgee and changed the name to studios…very 21st Century

There have been 2 workshops there so far….Daniel Champagne Master class on guitar on May 26 and the Blue Ruins in June…now we have a really meaty one with Damion Stirling coming to town

Damion Stirling workshop Aug 17 2013

Damion Stirling runs ‘Sol Studios’, and is also Musical Director of the Culburra Beach Music Festival and has performed at countless festivals gigs and workshops. Damion is an amazing energetic force of nature and quite an astounding master djembe player.

Damion has led drumming groups on the South Coast for the last 10 years and is the leader of such groups as the Beatmeisters and Elemental Grooves

Heres a description of Beatmeisters plus a pic

“The rhythmic knock on your front door can only be… the Beat Meisters! They’ll have your circadian biology in a spinning whirl, they will count the sum of your pulse and mirror it in sonic waves, skew that wayward walk into a dance like prance and take you to a place where you can’t your feet must wiggle and your booty must jiggle.

Drawing heavily on the traditions of African drumming interspersed with Latin and Arabic influences and utilising melodic percussive instruments from all corners of the globe the Beat Meisters never fail to get the punters jumping and the good vibes pumping.

The Beat Meisters draw from a rock solid base of quality percussionists featuring members of bands such as Elemental Grooves, Percussion Junction, Obrobini, Ate and Fugg as well as a string of other prominent Wollongong based bands. With performance experience in national tours, festivals, concerts, corporate and community events and complemented by a an recognised and established drumming workshop program, the Beat Meisters know how to deliver interactive drumming like you’ve never seen before. To date the Beat Meisters have performed at events from the heady tropics of far north Queensland to humming deepest depths of Sydney CBD. Wherever they are found one thing is certain… worn soles on your shoes and smile on your dial.”

Beatmeisters with Damo
Beatmeisters with Damo


His infectious nature and amazing energy will transport you to the heights of percussion and dance

The workshop will take in dance and its associated drum moves as well. For the workshop we’ll be looking at the rhythm ‘Panlogo’ and a harvest / celebration dance both from Ghana.