Back to the drums 2

What an amazing diverse mix of gigs that was

Starting with drums for Big Erle plus my own set with the big man at the Old City Bank Bar and Brasserie in Katoomba on Sept 14. That was great….no rehearsal with him and we just jammed it out after a solid solo set from me

Next week Sept 21 I was backing Cletis Carr and Linda Mizzi,….again no rehearsal and we played everything from Merle Haggard to Prince in a very diverse universe. Hes a great player and we really jelled together after 10 years apart.

Final drum extravaganza was with my percussion group Kings of Congo Congo at the huge Flavours of Mudgee street fair. We’ve rehearsed this stuff for months with my best students and a real blessing was we were doing short sharp sets. Had a dropout or two and Elizabeth Walton from Fig Jam stepped in with no rehearsal an we took off beautifully…3 sets of 15 minutes and by the last one the crowd was really into it. Exhausted but satisfied and loved all the drumming again

Back to the drums

Funny how things come. Sitting quietly minding my own business and wondering where the next gig will come from whenn…whoosh…2 phone calls in the space of a day asking me to play drums.

Good mate Cletis Carr rang and needs some drumming for a country style gig he has on in Kandos on Sat Sept 21 at the Railway Hotel Kandos…..should be easy and fun…no need to take a full kit….then 6 hours later get a facebook message from Simon Leamonn of Big Erle wanting me to play a solo gig and drums with him at the Old City Bank Bar and Brasserie in Katoomba next week on Sat Sept 14.