Trilogy at Wine Bar

Its all finished now and up online. I am happy and exhausted. This all came quite out of the blue at the same time I was approached to do a play locally with a cameo role as a lord in Pride and Prejudice

The guts of the films were they are scripted to the songs by Coolios Gangstas Paradise and See you when you get there and Eminems Stan

Music was a combination of Playing and singing the choruses live out the back at Roths Wine Bar and then doing some soundtrack adaptions and backing. What I didnt realise was I would be playing a leading role in some of them as well

Editing sound, tracking took place over a series of late nights squashed between rehearsals and performances of the play and everyone was getting minimal sleep

Thanks to Sam Paine/Ben Lynch at Mudgee Picture Company and all the other cast and crew I worked with…very happy with the results…check them here



Richard to appear in and play in Mudgee Short Film

Quite out of the blue I was contacted by Sam Paine from Mudgee who is fairly elevated in the arts scene and assistant editor of the Mudgee Guardian to help out with a trilogy of short films being put together in Mudgee by the Mudgee Picture Company who operate under the wing of Mudgee Underground and Mudgee Arts Council

The musician they had planned Kyle Manning couldn’t make it as he was tied up in rehearsals for the Tamworth Music Festival

The 3 songs for the 3 films were all vastly different to what I am used to…

Coolios Gangsta Paradise and When you get there and Eminem/Dido Stan

There have been 2 filming sessions to date at Roths Wine Bar going till all hours of the night and the sound is fantastic….cant wait to see and hear finished product.. I wont give away too much but here is a teaser and some pics