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Lawson School of Music

The Lawson school of Music centres around two teachers – Richard Lawson and Elizabeth Walton, with regular guest sessions and master classes presented by professional musicians. All students are encouraged to attempt public performance at their level, and the teachers endeavor to provide performance opportunities.


Both Elizabeth and Richard perform regularly at festivals and at a range of music venues. Each plays solo as well as in various bands, including Honey, Kings of Congo Congo, Benji and the Saltwater Soundsystem, Lime Spiders and Bella Djemballa and other guest spots.


About Richard

As a professional musician Richard toured the world and has released many recordings in various guises. He helps students prepare for careers in contemporary performance and teaches them an understanding of what life is like in a professional performance setting.


Teaching areas: Kit drums, Timbales, Guitar, Vocal, Composition, Cubase


About Elizabeth

Elizabeth studied jazz improvisation and western art music (classical) at the Sydney Conservatorium and the University of NSW. Elizabeth meets the student where their music is – with a variety of notation and classical techniques, applied to improvisation and composition. “The music is in you, not in the instrument”.


Teaching areas: Classical and contemporary Piano, Classical and contemporary Guitar, African Drums, Improvisation, Composition, Sound Movement, Garage Band, iPhone recording


Music Lessons Terms and Conditions

Students are required to pay by the term. Term fees fall due prior to the commencement of term. Teachers endeavor to make up skipped lessons where the student provides 24 hours or more notice of non-attendance.


Learning agreement and commitment

To gain the maximum benefit from class, students must practice regularly.

Pre kindy:           practice is only recommended as “play”

Infants:                5-10 minutes 2-3 x per week

Primary:               10-20 minutes  3 x per week

High School:      30-60 minutes 3 x per week

Adults:                                 The more you put in, the more you get out J







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