Kings of Congo Congo rip it up Mudgee

The percussion group I lead has been doing its thing for just over a year now. Weve gone ythrough a revolving door of gaining and losing new drummers all the time and sometimes its been really hard trying to maintain a core of 6 drummers…but…the other night it was all worth it.

We were to play in the street in Mudgee for the Wine Festival and only then as a little side act for the “Main acts”…no PA

We blitzed it and the crowd flocked to see us and by the end we had lots of little kids dancing round us…it wqs an awesome experience…Percussion is primal and it doesnt get any better than this.

Next gig…maybe a mini tour with Southerly Change early December down the coast at Brackets and Jam Kincumber/Wollongong and Nowra.


Richard Lawson and Fig Jam Sept 2012

Well…after a bit of navel gazing, writing and recording and general ime out, I linked up with 2 young dudes who also happen to be multi instrumentalists and into the same sort of music Im into. Erin Kelly plays Bass/Piano and Drums and Josh Gow plays Drums and Guitar and also sings a bit. We jammed back in late July and hit it off from the word go.

After a few weeks of rehearsals we just did our first show at a winery up in mudgee and boy did it sound refreshing. Some of the songs off In your face got the treatment and the assembled crowd seemed to really dig it.

Have a few more shows planned and Ive also been writing some new electronica with Erin…one of her more memorable moments is entitled “Erin clubbing Simon Cowell to death”

Live at Robert Steins Sept 15 2012