New EP Airs and Graces out now

The 6 track EP featuring lead track ‘Kingdom Come’ is available now on Spotify/Youtube/Apple Music and Soundcloud. Already on rotation on local ABC South East


Kingdom Come on youtube

The Lone Band!!

The Lone drummer has now got some powerful allies who joined him to form a ‘Lone Band’ to fight injustice on the environmental front.
Richard Burgman [SunnyBoys], who now lives in Kingston Canada and Jon Schofield [Paul Kelly] have donned the mask and cape to play guitar and bass respectively
We did an environmental version of the ‘Bad News’ song as originally performed by the ‘Young Ones’ band spinoff for the Forest Embassy
We are performing live at the ‘National Forest Uprising’ on Parliament House lawn in Canberra at midday on Wed Feb 13 and I am hoping for a live to air or pre recorded spot with Canberra ABC Radio  that morning for publicity to play the song acoustically. #NationalForestUprising #EndNativeForestLogging2020 

Illawarra Folk Fest epiphany!!

Only been here a day and just seen myself as featured artist in program. Wondered why there were so many people at Beatles and Folk talk/ show yesterday in the Show Pavilion. Hell they’d even heard about me at registration tent. It went really well…I always gauge how it went by sound guys reaction…very nervous and hot at start and my right hand was a bit shaky until about the 6th song. Found myself able to discourse freely on the subject of Beatles and Folk Music quite easily without a script and even ventured back further with Scarborough Fair into the middle ages. It was an epiphany doing this style of workshop/gig and I will definitely be applying at more festivals with this in mind. I have the points on the board now

After maybe 2-3 hours sleep on the beach in stifling overnight temperatures. Freedom on the beach was amazing and I was playing guitar at 4am at Bulli Beach before venturing in for a surf at 5am with the pre dawn

Damion Stirling from Swingbooty/ Beatmeisters jumped up with us on the Sunday morning gig at 9.30am in the Global Green tent. Small audience after yesterdays bonanza. Only thing is we changed the whole set round and adlibbed It was an experience for sure and pushed me right out of my comfort zone. At one stage we only played songs in 6/8

Happy Snaps 2017/2018 Mudgee and Mystery Bay Travels in food and music

The Explosion radio show goes to youtube

Lots of fans have been bemoaning the fact they cant access Soundcloud or Spotify as they dont have accounts and it is clunky on mobile so i have decided to make it simple and revert to a youtube playlist format from now on for the Explosion Radio Show

The last 4 shows have concentrated on progressive and dynamic record labels such as Elektra/Vertigo/Stiff and coming up is Modular Records

Enjoy here

#16 Vertigo Records

#17 Elektra Records

#18 Stiff Records

#19 Modular Records