Fig Jam’s debut single Rainbows End out now

The first single for Richards new band Fig Jam is out now.

Rainbows End was  totally self recorded at his home studio on the farm just out of Gulgong in late November 2012 and mastered by William Bowden in December. It was a co write with Jo Wilkens from the South Coast who came to him with the idea of doing a film clip / song about “Dinosaurs and Dragons…” They ended up writing the song over a few conversations on facebook.

The film clip was produced /directed and shot by Jo with Nate Dunn from and involves up to 6000 individual frames in stop/go animation.

Its also available on itunes and spotify

FT 108 Rainbows End EP  Cover pg 1 draftJuly 22 2012

Richard and Southerly Change

Southerly Change 3Southerly Change 2southerly change

Southerly Change have always had an open stage policy. If you are good enough you get invited up. They’ve had 8 piece brass sections, 3 or 4 percussionists and multiple configurations of Harp, Guitar, Bass and even recently used the Kora from Mali.

I first stumbled on them during my time on the South Coast in 2010/2011 when I got introduced to their drummer Matt Sykes whilst I was teaching out of the Manse in Nowra. He led drumming groups , was an incredibly complex drummer and character who had finished a 3 year course in Jazz Studies at the ANU in Canberra and had recently been playing and studying West African rhythms in Ghana. He was way ahead of me in drumming, me being a simple yet powerful rock drummer. Then I met Ben Fowler, who is the leader, guitarist, singer/ songwriter. They were playing a support with my Trio and April Maze at a gig I was organising at the Bridge Tavern in Nowra in June 2011 when I was booking it. I found him gentle, charming and unassuming; almost the diametric opposite of myself. Next time I saw him he was playing bass for Funkhouse, the legendary funk band from the South Coast featuring John Kenny [ex Rockmelons] and the Mighty ASH who is a rapper par excellence [who ended up co writing and guesting on ‘In your Face’]

Next time I saw Ben  he was playing nylon string acoustic in a classical style and singing his own beautiful songs. We struck up a conversation and I was immediatley disarmed with his easy going nature.

Fast forward a year or two and they have been up to Gulgong Folk Festival 2012. I was given a copy of their first EP and fell in love with the opening track ‘Used to think”…

Then in 2012 they fell in love with my new album ‘In your FACE’ and gave me 2 supports in Wollongong at Dicey Rileys in April and helped me get onto the bill at the fantastic Culburra Beach Music Festival in May. It was there I also found out their saxophone player Mick Elderfield was a huge fan of mine. I was stoked…these guys really got my music and how I wanted to be really eclectic and expansive in the sounds and arrangements. They even found my use of electronica really eye opening.

Southerly Change Dicey Rileys Wollongong April 2012
Southerly Change Dicey Rileys Wollongong April 2012

Richard Lawson 'In your Face' Dicey Rileys Apr 2012

Culburra Beach Music Festival May 2012
Culburra Beach Music Festival May 2012

They invited me up onstage to jam percussive at Dicey Rileys and I picked a grab bag of Tambourine/Cowbell/bongos and wood blocks and sat next to Matt Sykes and …well just looked for the holes as they say. Matt loved it and I was humbled that such a dexterous drummer would say that. It was there as well that I first met up with Damion Stirling who runs ‘Sol Studios’, who promoted the gig and and is also Musical Director of the Culburra Beach Music Festival. Damion is an amazing energetic force of nature and quite an astounding djembe player. The jam that night was fantastic and led to greater things.

I spoke with Ben a few times as a friend and confidant during 2012 an we both spoke of how hard it is to find your way in the Music Industry but both held a firm conviction of our love and passion for it…almost ant any cost. I found his conversation and support very comforting during a difficult financial time of my life and couldn’t wait to ignite the musical flame again with Southerly Change  in the summer of 2012/2013.

Fast forward to Dec 2012 and my new acoustic rock band ‘Fig Jam’ has been given 2 more supports with Southerly Change at Wollongong and Jamberoo. The gigs were fantastic and this time the jamming was more structured and I played with Timbales/Bongos/ cowbells/Tambourines…Damion was there as well and something clicked those nights between Matt Sykes and ‘Damo’ and myself. It was joyous, free and rhythmic and we all complemented each other and wound the music and crowd up into a frenzy. The crowd thought so as well and I was surrounded by young nubile dancers who wanted to grab my sticks …haha.

wombarra bowlo nov 2012

Fig Jam with Sharon Twiss Wombarra Dec 2012
Fig Jam with Sharon Twiss Wombarra Dec 2012
Southerly Change closing GFF 2013 AT Gulgong RSL. I was shagged and crashed out after playing 7 gigs in 40 degree heat.
Southerly Change closing GFF 2013 AT Gulgong RSL. I was shagged and crashed out after playing 7 gigs in 40 degree heat.
Culburra Beach Bowling Club Jan 2013
Culburra Beach Bowling Club Jan 2013

Fast forward to Jan 2013 and its the Gulgong Folk Festival and I am playing with them 2 or 3 times and doing percussion workshops with them. They join up with my little drum group ‘The Kings of Congo Congo’ as well and we play a street party that will be an abiding memory for me…so much rhythm/ life and music …it felt so free and easy …and…the crowd absolutely loved it. Then I had a little break down the coast after the festival and played with them again at Culburra and Greenwell Point…the latter gig being absolutely amazing.

Southerly Change at Greenwell Point Jan 2013...awesome gig
Southerly Change at Greenwell Point Jan 2013…awesome gig

Ben has played me some of their new recordings utilising the Kora and some of Mali and Ghana’s finest musicians. It is going away from his reggae Jack Johnson thing to a more pure West African sound and as we discussed at dinner at the legendary ‘Brownies’ place in Culburra , he is only 24 and is going into a particularly fertile period. I cant wait to hear the new album…it is a few months away but in the meantime I look forward to the Culburra Beach Music Festival…if Fig Jam get a start then we will be striking up the musical conversation again…thanks Ben!!!

Richard at the Gulgong Folk Festival

What a blast from start to finish. Ive been doing this now for 2 years and the Gulgong Folk Festival is really starting to take on a life of its own.

GFF 2013 Cornstalk Poster redraft Oct 22 2012GFF 2013 Cornstalk Poster redraft Oct 22 2012GFF 2013 Cornstalk Poster redraft Oct 22 2012GFF 2013 Cornstalk Poster redraft Oct 22 2012

You may or may not know that I’m Music Director/Promoter of the festival and took it over after it died for 2 years in 1010. Im the one taking all the risks and up to this point have been basically doing everything on the organisational side. It is a huge project taking up to 9 months work to realise and a lot of mental anguish …mainly financial. I suffered a personal monetary loss from the first one in 2012 which may or may never come back to me but this last one looks like breaking even so Im stoked.

Ive been trying to identify what it is that drives me to do something like this…to put myself right out  there with my head on the chopping block. You lose friends, make enemies and suffer personal relationship breakdowns but hey… Its a mission, a passion to bring together a wider musical community, give it a voice and some power…it goes right back to our primeval instincts…and I realised its not about me and my musical or community standing, its about the musos.

They come and play for a pittance , just for the chance to get some of their art and pain [??] heard. I know , I do it too…love playing and want people to hear my song.

Anyway…the next festival is planned for November 2014 and a Mudgee one is being realised in May 2014 so there is plenty to do, along with the private counter culture gigs down at Braymont and selected venues round Mudgee./ I think I have my calling now…at the tender age of 51.

Heres some pics from the many musical appearances I made at GFF 2013.

Gulgong Confessional Singers Street Party
Gulgong Confessional Singers Street Party
Fig Jam POW Hoterl
Fig Jam POW Hoterl
Happy snap with the Fall and Mustered Courage...the stars of the festival
Happy snap with the Fall and Mustered Courage…the stars of the festival
A great team of Mudgee Gulgong Musos helped me all the way...across the road
A great team of Mudgee Gulgong Musos helped me all the way…across the road
Percussion meets Blues Workshp with Matt Souyhon, Big Erle, Damion Stirling and Richard Lawson Fri Jan 4 2013
Percussion meets Blues Workshp Gulgong Opera House with Matt Southon, Big Erle, Damion Stirling and Richard Lawson Fri Jan 4 2013