Gulgong Folk Festival Jan 6/7/8 2012 …a big job!!!!

As you might have guessed I’m Festival Organiser for the Gulgong Folk Festival 2012.

I have been  working on this for over 9 months now since arriving back in Mudgee/Gulgong ….

The amount of work that has gone into it is untold and I could never really make any of you grasp the enormity of the undertaking…I am basically doing it all myself…  …I’m not complaining as I knew full well before embarking on this endeavour that that was the case.

What I really wanted to achieve was an outstanding music festival that I could curate and put on the best up and coming bands that I knew of…it harks back to the days of my management when I managed and promoted amongst others The Scientists/Beasts of Bourbon/Grooveyard/Sekret Sekret/The Introverts/Lime Spiders/The Most….

The next week or so are going to be frenetic and I wont have time to blink…but I will definitely enjoy myself and hope that there will be more…

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