Won the rehearsal…lost the gig

Its a case of missmatched venues…I shoulda checked on the sound specs for the Lyrebird Lounge before booking it. Dont get me wrong its a fantastic venue for what it is but woeful for what Im trying to do. Terry Serio and Emma Swift sounded great because they went acoustic…me …I stayed biig with the electronic backing and drums and extra guitar.

We couldnt hear the backing properly…Jason our drummer was clueless as to what was going on and more than once we totally fell out of sync. Playing shuffles with brushes just doesnt translate with electronica.

Ive played gigs smaller than this…markets and what not and done them myself and its sounded awesome…but if the gig is too small…drop the drums…theres already drums on the laptop and it just confused the issue.

Rehearsal on the other hand was amazing…pity we couldnt invite the crowd to that. Jason Block is one hell of a drummer and I do like a BIG sound. Jon Schofield bless him and driven down ON THE DAY from just near Gundagai after playing with Terry at the Green Room in Enmore. Terry flew…its ok for some haha. Jon basically had been on the road for 8 hours and then driven straight to the rehearsal room at Soxy Music in St Kilda…legend.

Anyway…Ive learned my lesson….as Genevieve Chadwick had probably learned her lesson…only get your drummer on bigger gigs….

One good thiing…the version of Heroes by David Bowie went off!!!!


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