Fig Jam @ first ‘Farmfresh’ pics

Well a small appreciative crowd were on hand out on the farm for the first ‘Farmfresh’. After Rob Binks and Oli Statham warmed up proceedings Fig Jam played in 2 guises; first with replacement drummer on the night Ben who is only 14 and it was his first ever gig


…then a sizzling Electonica display with Erin on keys and myself on Drums. It was the best electronic set i have ever delivered and gave me much food for thought as for a permanent return to drums live…it just works so well. Everyone who saw it said it was just outright amazing…pity out of all these there is none of me on drums. We ran through some stuff off Figtree Renaissance II [Theme for lost civilization /Egypt] versions and remixes of Spacelab by Kraftwerk and Idealistic by Digitalism, new song by Erin ‘Choco Balls’ new song by Richard ‘Blitz the blog’ and an oldie unreleased Purple Patch plus theme for foggy London nights. An amazing experience plus a big drum jam at end over the top of the whole Daft Punk first album…

By richardlawsonmusic

Former Drummer for legendary Aust. Punk band the Lime Spiders, Richard Lawson is
releasing another EP, ‘Presence of Mind’ in April 2022. Richard has released 7 albums and 3 EPs in the last 12 years covering every musical base from Electronica to Folk and Soundtracks.

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