Fig Jam impro gig with artists at Fairview Artspace

Tonight at Fairview ArtSpace we have no idea what we are going to do///well I have a little idea but im not telling…it involves 2 keyboards and lots of noisey things…maybe some ambience…maybe some songs…we have to read what is going on in the painters’ minds and follow them…
Artists Ross Kurtz and Sam Paine are going to war, in an Art Battle next Thursday night at Fairview Artspace.
The Art Battle is the latest event from Mudgee Underground, a local group dedicated to organising a new art event every month, with a focus on interactive and unexpected activities.
On Thursday, October 31, Mr Kurtz and Mr Paine will each have 90 minutes, working side by side, to go from a big blank canvas to a finished artwork.
The evening’s audience, who will be able to enjoy food, wine and music while watching the artists’ pieces taking shape, will decide which is the winner of the battle when the bell rings at the end of an hour and a half.
The battle is the main event in an evening that will start at 6.30pm with a Pictionary-style drawing guessing game, which is open to anyone who wants to test their own “quick draw” skills.
Participants in this game will have two minutes to draw words from a bowl, then draw them on paper to be guessed by everyone present – the winner will be the person who has the most drawings guessed within their two minutes.
This will be followed by the main battle, pitting two of Mudgee’s well-known established artists against each other in a contest of splattering paint and fast brushstrokes, racing against a 90-minute countdown.
Ross Kurtz, along with his wife Judy, has been a fixture of the Mudgee region’s art scene for decades, developing a style that combines traditional landscape with experimental paint effects.
Sam Paine works mainly in detailed miniatures, although his other projects often reach the opposite extreme, including wall-sized murals at Mudgee’s Salvation Army and Jubilee Oval.
Both artists have a long exhibiting history with Fairview Artspace, and they will face off in the courtyard of Mudgee’s premier gallery.
Everyone is welcome to come along and be part of the excitement, seeing the artists at work while enjoying a social night out, all of which should wrap up a little after 8.30 in time for an early night.
Fairview will be open, offering tasting plates and soft drinks, while the Small Winemakers Centre next door will have a fine array of wines available to taste and buy.
While the timer counts down the artists’ 90 minutes, local band Fig Jam, fresh from performing at the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, will contribute to the fast-paced, surprising nature of the evening with an improvisational set.
This will be the third event organised by Mudgee Underground, following August’s Bogan Comedy Games Extravaganza, which has spawned a monthly improvised comedy night at Roth’s Wine Bar, and September’s Photo Treasure Hunt, which may become an annual event each September.
The group’s events have so far proved funny, exciting and surprising, and next week’s Art Battle will be no exception.Coffee & Tea, cold drinks, cakes and snacks available from the cafe. Small Winemaker’s Center open and serving wine and beer.
Come along and barrack for your favorite artist.

By richardlawsonmusic

Former Drummer for legendary Aust. Punk band the Lime Spiders, Richard Lawson is
releasing another EP, ‘Presence of Mind’ in April 2022. Richard has released 7 albums and 3 EPs in the last 12 years covering every musical base from Electronica to Folk and Soundtracks.

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