Richard to appear in and play in Mudgee Short Film

Quite out of the blue I was contacted by Sam Paine from Mudgee who is fairly elevated in the arts scene and assistant editor of the Mudgee Guardian to help out with a trilogy of short films being put together in Mudgee by the Mudgee Picture Company who operate under the wing of Mudgee Underground and Mudgee Arts Council

The musician they had planned Kyle Manning couldn’t make it as he was tied up in rehearsals for the Tamworth Music Festival

The 3 songs for the 3 films were all vastly different to what I am used to…

Coolios Gangsta Paradise and When you get there and Eminem/Dido Stan

There have been 2 filming sessions to date at Roths Wine Bar going till all hours of the night and the sound is fantastic….cant wait to see and hear finished product.. I wont give away too much but here is a teaser and some pics

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