July News…musical directions and crossroads

At last count after the recent sabbatical and consolidation of my musical brain and emotional and financial well being…[always a biggie…went into a dark place for awhile], I have come out with the following projects…all totally self f……unded/recorded and released online and printed on demand!!
1. Soundtrack album …14 instrumental pieces and incidental music working titles “Airs and Graces” [2012]
2. Pop EP…. 5 Tracks following in the psychedelic/Folk/Electronic ven with lots of harmonies and guest singers…working title “Rainbows End” [2012]
3. Audio book collaboration with Justin Sheedy author [2012]
4. 5 songs to be scored and performed by a string ensemble [2013]
5. Electronic EP [2013] with Carina Barbro Hagg [dynamic Swedish Soprano and former sparring partner in FTR.]
I am recording totally at home now with the help of cubase software
Most of this work is already done if you are worried about my sanity and energy levels
A sample of some of the work written for string ensemble…still digital but you get the idea..

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