Fig Jam and Kings of Congo Congo rule at 1st Bob Marley Festival Kandos

Sue Honeysett from Down the Tracks Cafe Kandos is to be congratulated for initiating ANOTHER festival locally. Kandos has already seen Cementa Arts Festival which we were proud to play at and keeps up our festival ethos [ie only playing festivals and big gigs]. This festival was the first Bob Marley festival to be held locally and they are popping up all over the world…it is a salute to the great man that his legacy still shines on and is held close by so many people

Both Kings of Congo Congo and Fig Jam were booked to play. Fig Jam as one of the main acts on the big outdoor stage and Kings of Congo Congo on the ground area between the first few local bands to get the audience vibed in lieu of a drumming circle.

SO after packing up both drumkits , assorted percussion and Fig Jams gear we headed on over to Kandos and quickly set up…all the drummers were waiting there and remember 3 of our drummers have only turned 12.

A run through of ‘Fanfare‘, the original opener for the group quickly set the scene for some frenetic 6 piece drumming with 2 kits, djembes, bongos, timbales and extra floor toms and the new pieces were unveiled and went well…Triptych is a special BUT it does require 2 drumkits playing sixteenth not triplets to make it work…Erin Kelly is now out front with me and the main drummer


By now the sun was high and there wasnt much shade…we were all quite warm but the crowd was even warmer. I was run off my feet keeping up the vibe for 2 Kings performances and Fig Jam was set to go on about 1.30pm

Fig Jam …what do you say. We started out as organic rock as a 3 piece with no computers with Josh Gow and Erin Kelly and since the have played festivals, toured down the coast with Southerly Change and Big Erle, ;played electronic with live drums and keys at festivals [and slayed them there…I get to hammer it on drums there] and now we finally come to the point I knew was going to happen…we loose our first young dude to the call away from Mudgee. I knew this was going to happen and had made allowances for it having been through it before with Tangent in the 90s and noughties…but it still dosnt make it any easier. Josh Gow is mercurial, affable , irritating and loving and mature all iin the same sentence…but he is also a great drummer , guitarist and DJ as well and is leaving for Coffs Harbour…we have made a friend for life and will miss him sorely

Katie Gilbert on the other hand is joining and brings a whole new dynamic approach…shes a lead singer and will be eased into it…not that Im over singing but the harmonies are finally sounding great and Im sure well work out some stuff…one wag said we sounded the same. Shes a fantastic presence onstage and gets us all going. Witness our hilarious but uplifting version of GET UP STAND UP BY BOB MARLEY

I was exhausted utterly by the event…having also been on a fast at the time..[not the best timing!!]

…but have already received texts and facebook messages congratulating is on a fine job and it seems out love affair with Kandos and music and arts ferstivals only grows….now to find a drummer…should be OK I already work with 6!!

Kings of Congo Congo on facebook

Fig Jam on facebook

By richardlawsonmusic

Former Drummer for legendary Aust. Punk band the Lime Spiders, Richard Lawson is
releasing another EP, ‘Presence of Mind’ in April 2022. Richard has released 7 albums and 3 EPs in the last 12 years covering every musical base from Electronica to Folk and Soundtracks.

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