A little busking tour on South Coast??

Well Ive never busked before in my life and now Im wondering why I never did

What a wonderful experience and getting paid to practice play and make people happy…hell we even got our lunch/brunch paid for

I was sitting at Pilgrims in Milton with Lizzi Gal and I dont know where the thought came from but the guitar was sitting in the car and I remember Genevieve Chadwick or Ben Fowler from Southerly Change had mentioned this place lets buskers do their thing. I grabbed the guitar and played Here comes the Sun by the Beatles and asked the waitress if this was OK when she brought the coffees and she said …’fine’

Next thing I know Im in full swing after a 5 song warm up and played for well over an hour…must admit Simon and Garfunkel and Bee Gees are big crowd pullers…the money flowed then

Next day arranged to meet up with Ben Fowler at Berry and played a few Southerly Change songs plus some other reggae things and generally just tried to ppick up some tips from playing with him

Who knows we might hit Gerringong later in the week and I might give Mudgee a nudge on the weekend

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